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HCR Actions are a private label  built by Defiance Machine. Defiance  has grown it has gained more equipment and more abilities.  Their already popular actions have been updated with these advances to now come standard with an integral recoil lug.  With the integral recoil lug and precision machined bolt that guarantees a tolerance of +/- .001″ action to action.

Since some shooters and hunters don’t always need custom options, HCR has introduced a well-designed, precision rifle action at a great value.  The HCR Predator is machined from the same steels and to the same tolerances as the HCR Pinnacle. But a versatile design that delivers either on the range or deep in the wilderness.


AG Composites uses the highest quality carbon fiber, epoxy, and paint products to manufacture our premium line of composite rifle stocks. 

Carbon fiber is used extensively in industries where high performance is a necessity.  From modern fighter aircraft to Tour de France winning bicycles to massive wind turbine blades, the incredible strength and amazing light weight of carbon fiber makes it the high performance go-to material.  When designed properly, carbon fiber composite parts can offer the strength of steel but at a fraction of the weight.

All AG Composite stocks are made from carefully selected composite materials that have been extensively tested.  Our stocks not only offer excellent stiffness and light weight, they are also impervious to environmental factors and will offer predictable, reliable performance for decades.

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Since 2012, PROOF Research has been relentlessly innovating to bring a new class of products to the firearms, aerospace and defense industries. Headquartered in Northwest Montana, just minutes from the entrance to Glacier National Park, we’ve brought together some of the finest minds, experience and innovations available to produce carbon fiber barrels, precision steel barrels, complete rifle systems and advanced composite materials that are setting new industry standards for extreme accuracy, reduced weight, durability and longevity.


The Rem 700 Primary is the ideal upgrade to improve accuracy and precision on any Remington 700 model rifle. Featuring TriggerTech's Frictionless Release Technology™, this drop-in trigger provides a true zero-creep break, extremely short over-travel and offers outstanding reliability, even in the harshest environments. Utilizing CLKR Technology™, the pull weight is quickly and confidently adjusted from 1.5 - 4.0 lbs in 1oz increments from an externally accessible set screw



 M5 Detachable Box Magazine (DBM)

Hawkins Precision M5 Detachable Box Magazine Rifle Bottom Metal is designed specifically for precision shooting. CNC-machined from a single piece of billet aluminum, this precision rifle bottom metal incorporates a barricade stop in front of the magazine well, and has a drafted magazine port. Our M5 DBM also includes a patented cantilever spring release that will not open under recoil. The M5 DBM is also  available with a forward Picatinny rail attachment to attach a bipod, barricade stop, or tripod providing solution to create a stable shooting position in any environment.

  • Fits Remington 700 and Remington Clone actions.

  • Fits M5 inlets.

  • Uses AICS magazines.

  • Short-action version will work with AW magazines if your action is cut accordingly.

  • Comes standard with action screws and bedding pillars.


Shilen Barrels these stainless steel masterpieces of machining and lapping are intended for the competition shooter-- or even the hunter-- who wants the ultimate in accuracy and quality. These are our highest grade barrel and, of course, the most costly. What makes them so good that benchrest shooters, such as Tony Boyer, crave them? Consider this: To meet Select Match Grade criteria, the groove diameter must air gauge within .0003" of our standard diameter. Moreover, the uniformity of the bore cannot vary more than .0001" for the entire length of the barrel. These barrels are also completely stress relieved, and the bore is polished to a gleaming surface finish by our most experienced lappers.


I'm a Established in 1946 by Allen Timney, Timney Triggers was founded on the need for easy-to-install, single-stage triggers for shooting enthusiasts sporterizing military rifles in the post-WWII era. Allen built triggers for bolt-action rifles such as Mausers, Springfields and Enfields and Timney quickly became known as the aftermarket trigger company for bolt-action rifles.paragraph.


Cerakote is a type of gun coating as well as a finish, so it's kind of like a lacquer for your gun. Granted, Cerakote isn't made out of shellac, so it's not the same thing. However, they both do roughly the same job, creating both an appearance as well as a protective coating. It's a very popular but relatively new form of gun coating. Cerakote is just one; other finishing compounds like DuraCoat are available as well. Up until the past couple decades, guns could be had (mostly) in blued steel or stainless, both of which hold up reasonably well against the elements and rust..

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